What is com.android.imsserviceentitlement App?

Have you ever wondered about all the different apps and processes running on your Android smartphone?

It can be confusing trying to understand what they all do! One app you might have noticed is called “com.android.imsserviceentitlement”.

What the heck is that, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in wondering.

What is com.android.imsserviceentitlement App?


In this article, we’ll break down exactly what this mysteriously named app does, whether it’s safe, and how to troubleshoot common issues with it. By the end, you’ll be an expert on com.android.imsserviceentitlement!

What does com.android.imsserviceentitlement mean?

First off, let’s decipher that intimidating app name:

  • “Com” is short for “communication”.
  • “Android” refers to the operating system.
  • “Imsserviceentitlement” stands for “IP Multimedia Subsystem Service Entitlement”.

Putting that all together, com.android.imsserviceentitlement is an app that handles communication between your phone and your cellular carrier’s systems.

Specifically, it deals with managing the status of IP multimedia services, which include things like:

  • Voice calls over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Video calling
  • Other advanced calling features

The app acts as a secure communication channel so your carrier can let your phone know if these IMS services are working properly or if any issues or maintenance are going on.

It uses special authentication protocols to make this communication secure without you needing to enter any info yourself.

Is com.android.imsserviceentitlement safe or spyware?

You can breathe easily – com.android.imsserviceentitlement is completely safe and is not spyware. Here’s why:

  • It’s a legitimate app developed by Google as part of the standard Android operating system
  • The app goes through extensive testing and security checks before being released
  • It does not collect or send out any of your data

You might notice com.android.imsserviceentitlement running in the background a lot on your phone. Don’t worry, that’s normal and necessary for the app to do its job of staying in touch with your carrier’s IMS systems. It’s not doing anything sketchy, we promise!

Can I remove com.android.imsserviceentitlement from my phone?

Nope, com.android.imsserviceentitlement is a permanent part of your phone’s operating system. Removing it could cause problems, like:

  • VoLTE and other advanced calling features not working correctly.
  • Potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Overall disruption of your phone’s communication functions.

So even if this app is annoying you for some reason, resist the urge to try to get rid of it! It’s there for good reasons and removing it will likely just cause headaches.

How to fix “com.android.imsserviceentitlement has stopped” Errors?

If you’re seeing an error message that says something like “Unfortunately, com.android.imsserviceentitlement has stopped”, don’t panic. There are a few simple steps you can try to get things back up and running:

  1. Clear the app’s cache and data
    • Open your phone’s Settings app
    • Go to Apps & notifications > See all apps
    • Scroll down and tap on com.android.imsserviceentitlement
    • Tap Storage & cache
    • Tap Clear storage, then Clear cache
  2. Update your phone’s software
    • Open Settings
    • Tap System > System update
    • If an update is available, tap to install it
  3. Scan for viruses or malware
    • Run a scan using a reputable mobile antivirus app
    • Popular options include Avast, AVG, and Malwarebytes
  4. Factory reset your phone (last resort)
    • Open Settings
    • Tap System > Reset options
    • Tap Erase all data (factory reset)
    • Confirm and let the reset process run

Hopefully one of the first three steps fixes the error message and you don’t have to resort to a full factory reset.

But if all else fails, a reset will likely clear up any lingering software issues, including problems with com.android.imsserviceentitlement.


We covered a lot of info about the mysterious com.android.imsserviceentitlement app!

To recap:

  • It’s an essential Android system app that enables secure communication between your phone and carrier.
  • The app is safe, not spyware, and can’t be removed.
  • You can fix most issues by clearing app data/cache, updating software, and scanning for malware.
  • A factory reset is the last resort for stubborn problems.

So the next time you see com.android.imsserviceentitlement pop up somewhere on your phone, and you can smile with the confidence of knowing exactly what it is and how to handle any issues.

Look at you, Android expert! Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to reach out with any other questions.

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